Wholesale Produce from MorCo Fresh

Excellence in fresh food service

Wholesale suppliers of high-quality fruit and vegetables. MorCo Fresh stands for more than just great-tasting fruit and vegetables. We value freshness above all and the highest-quality service for our clients.

As Australia’s go-to fruit and vegetable wholesalers, we stand for produce that stays fresh for longer, tastes the way it should and looks as good as it tastes. We stand for getting produce to the food-service industry in a timely manner and supporting local growers. At MorCo Fresh, we stand for providing excellence in fresh food service.

When it comes to fruit and veg, MorCo Fresh is the industry’s preferred supplier.

How we do it

MorCo Fresh is committed to developing strong relationships with growers and suppliers across the country. Mutual respect and honesty are the cornerstone of our business.

Our providers deliver produce to us as soon as possible, which means we can pass on the freshest fruit and vegetables to our valued customers. In fact, our Australian food-service customers often receive our produce within 48 hours of harvest.

We understand the necessity of having the freshest and highest-quality produce in the food-service industry. Fresh fruit and vegetables in your meals or products can lead to greater success and customer satisfaction.

With this in mind, we not only endeavour to get produce to food-service businesses efficiently – we also ensure it stays at the right temperature during the journey. To achieve this, our fleet is fitted with refrigeration equipment to keep produce cool and GPS tracking to safeguard against breaks in the ‘cold chain’.

MorCo Fresh is second to none when it comes to getting your business the freshest produce.

Our customers

MorCo Fresh delivers Australia-wide, servicing some of the largest companies in the food-service industry. Among our valued customers are domestic and international airline caterers, restaurants, global hotel groups and multiple food-service outlets.

As a wholesale supplier of fruit and vegetables, we have worked hard to develop our strong reputation for quality service and produce to match. This has led to MorCo Fresh becoming the preferred choice for fruit and veg wholesale in Australia’s most demanding international and domestic food-service companies.

We look forward to supplying the freshest possible produce to your food-service business.

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