MorCo Fresh is a supplier of quality fresh produce to the food service sector which include domestic and international airline caterers, restaurants, global hotel groups and multiple food service outlets across Australia.

With a mission in delivering fresh quality produce to you, having links and access to every Australian central market, and strong relationships with the local growers across the entire country, together puts us in a position to deliver the freshest produce quickly - often within 48 hours of harvest - to you.

Executive Directors

Stephen’s involvement in the fresh produce industry started while still at school when he worked with his father part-time after school and during school holidays. Stephen has progressed through all facets of the industry, working his way through he is now a Director of the fresh food servicing company MorCo Fresh. Stephen’s strong and passionate work ethic has enabled him to build strong relationships with his customers and team at MorCo Fresh, contributing to the overall success of the business.

Since 1982, Paul has been heavily involved in the fresh produce and wholesaling industry. Having experience in all aspects of the industry, Paul has passionately demonstrated his ability to progressively take a key role in the overall management of the business along with his brother Stephen Moraitis to enhance the success of MorCo Fresh and build a strong and loyal customer base. Paul was chairman of the Market Industries committee from 2001-2007 and from 2004-2007 was the Australian representative as he served on the PMA (Produce Marketing Associations) International Council board. In 2005-2008 Paul was involved with the PMA’s Country Council board and was appointed to PMA- AUS/NZ industrial board as Vice Chairman 2009 and then Chairman in 2010-2011. With 30 years’ experience, fresh food servicing is a specialisation, working with the team at MorCo Fresh and customers to ensure quality service is maintained whilst building a strong brand in the market

Executive Management

In 2009, fresh out of High school Nicholas began his career in the fresh produce industry. From packing orders to dealing face to face with customers further to managing the operations of a fresh packaging warehouse Nicholas, over the years has developed the skills and knowledge to manage and maintain smooth and professional processes within the industry. Working within the family environment has encouraged Nicholas to learn and enhance his knowledge through all aspects of the fresh produce industry making him a very valued employee of MorCo Fresh

Company History

MorCo Fresh was founded in 2007 by the Moraitis Family, with produce experience spanning 3 generations and over 100 years’ experience collectively; the Moraitis family have access to all varieties of fruit and Vegetables. Leading the way in quality systems, in all their years of trading there has never been an issue with delivering fresh, safe, quality produce.

Executive Directors, Stephen and Paul saw that a lot of Australian food businesses – business that relied on the delivery of fresh, high-quality produce – were not getting the service, or the produce, they required. Often food was not delivered in its freshest possible condition. There was also a need for major food service customers to deal with a truly national supplier

So with all their years of experience the Moraitis family decided to start MorCo Fresh. And start giving Australian businesses direct access to clean locally grown produce, delivered quickly, and kept fresh using refrigerated transport systems.

With a passion for produce the Moraitis family has been at the forefront in delivering Quality fruit and vegetables.