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MorCo Fresh Brisbane

Building Y2, Brisbane Markets, Sherwood road Rocklea Queensland Australia 4106

Brisbane Wholesale Produce

Brisbane’s food-service industry is flourishing and fruit and veg supply is crucial. To maintain a business’ reputation and keep customers satisfied, top-quality produce is essential. Only wholesale fruit and vegetables supplied direct from harvest have the flavour, colour, texture and nutrients that Brisbane’s discerning foodies expect.

MorCo Fresh provides Brisbane-based food-service companies with easy access to the freshest produce. Our carefully selected fruit and vegetables are delivered to your door soon after harvest.

Suppliers of Brisbane’s freshest produce

Becoming an exceptional fruit and veg wholesaler is all about developing strong relationships with local growers and suppliers – both in the agricultural regions surrounding Brisbane and further afield.

At MorCo Fresh, we treat our fruit and veg growers with the respect they deserve, and in return they supply us with unbeatable fresh produce. We receive produce deliveries daily, ensuring the freshest fruit and vegetables are always on hand. MorCo Fresh aims to get produce to customers as soon as possible, and often businesses receive their delivery within 48 hours of harvest.

To keep our produce in original condition for customers, we implement a ‘cold chain’. This means your order remains cold and fresh for the entire journey to your premises, no matter how long or short the trip may be.

We do this by fitting our fleet with refrigeration equipment and GPS tracking. This ensures there are no breaks in the ‘cold chain’. It also allows us to keep up to date on the exact location of all vehicles, and in turn your delivery.

From airline caterers to restaurants, global hotel groups to multiple food-service outlets, we provide wholesale fruit and vegetables to a range of companies throughout Brisbane and Australia.

Although MorCo Fresh is an Australia-wide company, we focus on local in each area we service. This means that Brisbane-based companies will receive Queensland-grown produce, delivered by Queensland drivers.

Contact MorCo Fresh today for more information on our local distribution and find out why we are the fruit and veg wholesalers of choice in Brisbane.

P: +61 7 3278 0999
F: +61 7 3278 2517
W: http://www.morcofresh.com.au
E: office.qld@morcofresh.com.au
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