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Melbourne Wholesale Produce

The capital of Victoria is known as the cultural hub of Australia, offering every type of cuisine under the sun. No matter what destination the menu takes its inspiration from, each Melbourne food-service business requires a supply of fresh fruit and veg to achieve the perfect balance of flavours.

MorCo Fresh understands that, in the food-service industry, there is no substitute for fresh fruit and vegetables. Wholesalers in Melbourne are responsible for supplying food-service companies with the highest-quality fruit and vegetables available. With these key ingredients, our clients can produce culinary delights that entice tastebuds and draw customers in.

The MorCo Fresh way

As experienced suppliers, quality assurance is a priority for us and we have strict processes in place to ensure the nicest, freshest produce is delivered to our Melbourne customers.

MorCo Fresh develops strong relationships with local growers and suppliers who deliver to us daily. This means we can quickly get your fruit and vegetables to your business. In fact, our customers often receive their produce within 48 hours of harvest.

To keep fruit and veg as fresh as possible, we implement a ‘cold chain’ that’s unique among wholesalers servicing Melbourne. This chain allows for produce to be kept cold and fresh throughout the delivery process. Our vehicles are also embedded with GPS tracking technology, allowing us to keep up to date with the progress of your order.

MorCo Fresh has provided produce to a range large food service companies. This includes domestic and international airline caterers, restaurants, global hotel groups and multiple food service outlets across Australia.

Consider the benefits of the bright colours, enticing tastes and desirable textures that come from the freshest of fruit and vegetables. When searching for wholesale fruit and veg suppliers in Melbourne, consider MorCo Fresh. We offer quality, fresh produce and outstanding service.

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