How We are Different

Located in Australia’s major capital cities

MorCo Fresh has offices, warehouses and distribution in every Australian capital city and relationships with local growers and fresh food suppliers all over the country.

This allows us to deliver delicious fresh food to you within 48 hours of harvest. Our national structure also allows for contingencies due to unforseen events, for instance weather, crop failures, and product shortages, which can be a regular occurrence mainly due to the nature of the fresh produce industry.

Fresh Produce Delivered Daily

Our fresh produce growers and suppliers deliver to us daily. So there is no long-term storage of produce. We ship ‘just in time’, often within 48 hours of harvest. That means everything you order from us is as fresh as can possibly be.

The only products that are not delivered in this time frame are products that need to be conditioned or ripened, for instance avocadoes and bananas.

We Are Committed and Support Australian Produce

The only circumstance where by produce shipped isn’t Australian grown would be if the produce line was out of season.

Freshness Guaranteed

All our fleet is fitted with refrigeration equipment and GPS tracking, making sure there are no breaks in the “cold chain” and be up to date on the exact location of all vehicles and in turn your delivery.

This means your food will stay cool, and fresh, no matter how far we have to transport it to you.